Equiwax® is a sterile wax derived from beeswax (Ph. Eur.) and is used to mechanically stop bone bleeding during surgical procedures. Equiwax is 70% beeswax, and 30% vaseline. Equiwax is not absorbed, but remains within the body. Equiwax has been gamma sterilized, is soft and kneadable and is ready to use. The products are double packed, double sterile. Heamostasis time with Equiwax is only a few minutes.

Types of Equiwax Packs

Bone wax

  • Sterile
  • Block of bone wax
  • Suitable for all types of surgery.
  • 70% bees wax; 30% vasline
  • Shelf life 5 years from production
  • Fast haemostatic effect (2 to 4 minutes)

Equiwax is a sterile bone wax, derived from bees wax, and is used to stop mechanically bleedings from bone during surgical interventions, by obstruction of the glood vessel in the bone. Equiwax has no intrinsic farmacological properties.

Equiwax is indicated for for instance orthopedic surgery, traumatology, thoracic surgery, maxillo-facial surgery and neurosurgery.